Bands Appearing on 4/18!

Jack Tuttle and Friends Quintet


Jack Tuttle is a distinguished bluegrass musician, teacher, author, and historian. Migrating to California from rural Illinois, he began developing a complete lesson program for fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and guitar and has taught thousands of kids and adults since 1979 from his home base at Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto.

Known as the “Dean of Bay Area Bluegrass,” he taught his own three children how to play, including Sullivan Tuttle who is featured in the group. Scott Graves is featured as well.


Location: Cal Ave near El Camino Real 6-8pm

Midtown Dreamers

Midtown Dreamers are a folk-rock band based and local to Palo Alto! They play a large selections of original songs as well as covers from your favorites such as Ah-A, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, and many more.

Familiar with the car-free Cal Ave, Midtown Dreamers frequently play at the weekly Farmers Market! They describe their passion for plays as a “desire to fill the air with music”, seeing music as a way to express themselves with no limits.


Location: Cal Ave near El Camino Real


Cien Mil Mangos de Estanfor


Cien Mil Mangos de Estanfor, aka One Hundred Thousand Mangos from Stanford, is a local Stanford, student-run, salsa band! The band features voice, trumpet, trombone, sax, flute, and percussion to bring a harmonious tune to your ears.

Location: Cal Ave at Ash 6-7pm

Los Panaderos

Los Panaderos share traditional and contemporary music, dance, and other forms of artistic storytelling by highlighting the cultures and histories of various regions of Mexico, California, and beyond.

Through events and educational experiences, Los Panaderos build community through inclusive song and dance parties called fandangos. Los Panaderos also celebrate the ever-changing nature of folk music to present the diversity of their community with the exploration of original compositions, dances, and fusion pieces that reflect their Bay Area home.

Location: Cal Ave at Ash 8-9pm

Roberta Donnay Rainforest Trio

Roberta Donnay is an American jazz singer, composer, and producer, who has won awards for her talents and passion for music. She has released nine studio albums and tours extensively, spreading her joy of music throughout many communities.

Roberta grew up in Washington, D.C. and learned to sing from the radio. Her Jazz inspiration sparked early on from musicians such as Billy Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and many more. After relocating to San Francisco, she sang Dixieland and traditional jazz. She returned to singing jazz full-time in 2005 and has since toured the U.S. with her guitar by her side.

Location: Cal Ave at Birch 6-7pm



Saxophonist/clarinetist Harvey Wainapel and his quartet ALEGRITUDE present a panorama of modern instrumental music from Brazil.

The group was born out of Wainapel’s desire to share the beauty and joy of the music he has discovered in over twenty years of months-long stays in Brazil; besides well-known rhythms such as samba and bossa nova, ALEGRITUDE presents other fresh aspects of Brazilian jazz, based on folkloric genres of that country, so rich and varied in its musical traditions.

This band further features Jeff Buenz (guitarist/composer), Scott Thompson (electric bassist), and Dillon Vado (drums).

Location: Cal Ave at Birch 7-7:45pm; 8-9pm