Naveen Schwarzkopf Quartet

The Naveen Schwarzkopf Quartet, a high school jazz band, features Naveen Schwarzkopf on saxophone, Zev Vestel on drums, Sedge Green on bass, and Vincent Maclauchlan on guitar.

The Quartet is made up of Bay Area high schoolers, who are members of the SFJAZZ High School All-Stars Big Band. Each has sought out ways to further their passion for music; Vincent played in the National Youth Orchestra Jazz Band, and Zev looks forward to playing at NYU next year!

They play both classical jazz repertoire, from composers such as Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter, in addition to modern and original jazz compositions.

Location: Cal Ave at Ash

Help! From My Friends

Help! From My Friends is a newly formed Beatles tribute band. The group has performed Beatles songs over the years at various gigs, however, they decided to become an official band in November of last year!

They focus on the three-part harmony, which they believe was the Beatles’ “secret sauce”. Help! From My Friends features faithful Beatles guitar fills and riffs, as in the original songs, in addition to vocals.

Event-goers are encouraged to join in, as the band’s name states, and give a helping hand with your voice, provided percussions, and dancing to the nostalgic songs you know and love.

Location: Cal Ave at Birch

Enzo Anchietta & Friends 

Composer Enzo Anchietta, hailing from Costa Rica with Italian and Spanish roots, embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of five, showcasing extraordinary talent in music and composition.

Currently promoting his new album “101 North, Enzo will be sharing the stage with his colleague and friend Duwalu Khasu, a talented and passionate singer. Together, they promise an unforgettable musical experience with Pop-Ballad and Classics songs.


Location: Cal Ave near El Camino Real